Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course

Discover how mindfulness can fit into your life in a way that supports you

This 8 week course (1 1/2 hours per week) is a great way of either learning Mindfulness or deepening an existing practice.  You will be guided through the process of discovering how you can help yourself feel more balanced, more grounded and at ease

Without realising it, we have developed habits of thinking that don’t serve us well.  They make us feel more anxious, more stressed, less awake and less creative.  They take away our ease and our sense of us as we end up doing things automatically

During an 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course, we learn what it is like to let go of or change our relationship to these habits.  It could just be for you if you would like to:

  • Become more familiar with what takes away your energy or peace of mind and what soothes, nourishes and uplifts you
  • Build resilience and learn to be with difficulties and problems without being overwhelmed by them
  • Learn to become more present, more engaged, reconnected and grounded
  • Savour the full flavour and richness of your life and your potential
  • Develop a personal mindfulness practice that works for you
  • Experience more kindness and more ease

Each session lasts around 1 ½ hours and the home practice will give you the chance to continue practising between sessions so you can really get the most out of it

"These classes are delivered by Sarah with the utmost integrity, warmth and gentle humour! I have found the different Mindfulness techniques that I've learned invaluable. I've learned how to find relaxation in times of stress and how to tune into the positive aspects of my experience in everyday life rather than focusing mainly on the negatives. I would definitely recommend Sarah's classes.”

“Fantastic experience, working with Sarah-Linda. I came away after every session feeling more in control. As a 54 year man, who wasn’t sure this would work, I was surprised to come out the other side knowing it does work! Thank you Sarah-Linda.”

“Sarah-Linda is an exceptional teacher bringing a calm, friendly and down to earth approach to mindfulness teaching and you can sense her depth of knowledge. Her guidance is really thorough and helps new & regular attendees feel welcomed and centred. Her sessions are varied with meditation, mindful movement and an element of teaching. They are always slightly different depending on the teaching she wants to explore. Her MBSR courses are thoroughly prepared with detailed supporting notes provided to the students and her delivery of the course is clear, professional and so friendly - she has such a genuinely warm personality that can't help to be inspired to develop your mindfulness practice.”

8 week MBSR course cost: £195