Discover how to move with more ease and less effort with one-to-one Alexander Technique lessons

Together, we will look at everyday movements such as how you habitually sit, stand, bend and pick things up and walk.  We’ll look at the mechanics of movement (how the body is designed to move) and how our thinking can be used to interrupt habits of tension to allow a more natural ease to emerge

During an introductory first lesson, which lasts for approx 1 hour, you will have a chance to ask questions and learn a little about the technique and how it is taught.  If you then decide to continue with lessons (45 mins each), we can book those in the diary (see pricing options below).  As we are looking to ‘un-learn’ unhelpful habits, it will be beneficial to book your lessons reasonably close together (such as once or twice a week rather than once a month).  How many lessons will you need?  That really depends on your current experience and how much you will be able to apply the principles in between your lessons.  I would encourage most pupils to aim for at least 24 lessons

Note: during Covid-19, these lessons are now being offered online

Contact me for your first lesson or with any questions that you have

“I thought I was fit and healthy. I was astonished to discover what my muscles and my body had been doing without me realising.”

“I found Sarah-Linda to provide a warm, friendly and encouraging environment which also achieved the goal of significantly improving my posture and therefore reducing the aches I was experiencing with my neck and back.”