Workplace Wellness


Having a healthy, happy and resilient workforce is vital for the success of any business.  Even in ‘normal’ circumstances, employees can be faced with a lot of pressure – to work harder or smarter, working longer hours and meeting performance targets.  As people strive to do more, this often comes at the expense of their mental, emotional or physical health.  It’s no surprise that the most common causes of long-term absence from work are mental ill-health and musculoskeletal disorders (back pain, neck or shoulder strains and diseases of the joints)

In addition to this, we now face major changes in the way we live and work – remote working, social distancing, mask wearing and restrictions.  These can contribute to feelings of stress, isolation, anxiety, disconnection and uncertainty

Mindfulness offers a way to help employees adapt to change.  It helps individuals develop resilience by:

  • Equipping individuals with self-awareness that helps them to understand resilience and actively participate in its development
  • Enabling people to recognise the signs of stress and respond more effectively
  • Developing discernment between activities that nurture or deplete internal resources
  • Recognising the power of thoughts and finding ways of skilfully working with them°

By developing greater self-awareness, we learn how to take care of ourselves (physically and emotionally).  Greater awareness of others, leads to healthier working relationships.  Learning to shift our perspective and see the bigger picture, we are less likely to take things personally.  As we learn to pay attention effectively, we become more focused, make less mistakes and become more skilled at managing our time.  Mindfulness even helps to change the way we view and manage stress and builds resilience

Mindfulness training has been shown to improve the way employees feel about their jobs, increasing motivation, boosting happiness levels and leading to better quality sleep¤

°The Mindfulness Initiative: Building a Case for Mindfulness in the Workplace

¤Positive Psychology – Mindfulness at Work: Using Mindful Leadership in the Workplace

Workplace wellness sessions can be tailor-made in terms of duration and times of day, cost and format

If you are looking to develop a business case for mindfulness training within your organisation, you may find this PDF from the Mindfulness Initiative useful.   Get in touch to see how we can work together

I am a fully qualified and experienced mindfulness teacher, registered on the UK teachers listing and adhering to the Good Practice Guidelines (which includes a personal practice, regular silent retreats and supervision)

"Brilliant. Highly recommended!"

"This has changed my way of thinking for the better. I am less reactive at work and more constructive in the way I think"

"I am so pleased that I embarked on this course. I can often calm myself by using techniques that I have learned"