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Virtual Mindfulness Sessions in the Workplace


Targets, deadlines, crunch times; we accept them and we know they’re part of working life.  But do we know how to work with them?

How does mindfulness help us?  It’s very easy for us to do things in a way that creates more stress and puts more pressure on our minds and bodies.  Of course, we don’t do this deliberately; we’re simply not aware that it’s happening.  When we are so focused on the end result that we are aiming for, this takes us away from what’s happening here and now and so we don’t notice things:

  • We don’t notice that we are no longer blinking normally (it is suggested that our blink rate reduces by between 60 – 70%). This can lead to eye strain, headaches and further complications
  • We don’t notice that our breathing pattern has changed. There is a tendency for our breathing to become less frequent and more shallow (a phenomena termed ‘screen apnea’ by Linda Stone, former Apple Executive).  This puts us into fight or flight mode, increases tension in the body and feelings of anxiety
  • We don’t notice that we are leaning forward in our seats or craning the head and neck forward towards the screen
  • We don’t notice that our shoulders have crept up towards our ears
  • We don’t notice the amount of tension that we are holding in different parts of the body such as the legs, the abdomen and the hands

These things matter.  Apart from making our bodies feel uncomfortable and sore, if left unattended to, these behaviours can lead to chronic health conditions including RSI, hypertension, anxiety, insomnia, exhaustion and burnout.

Using both Mindfulness and Alexander Technique principles, I can help your staff learn to take better care of their minds and bodies during these challenging times.  Online sessions also allow the possibility of coming together with others and reconnecting with a sense of community – something that may be missing when we are home-working.

Mindful practices can help to calm the mind, recharge creativity, build resilience, increase energy levels, encourage clearer thinking and a more balanced approach.  Let’s talk

Sessions can be tailor-made in terms of duration and times of day, to suit the needs of your organisation.  Participants can book in via a secure booking system and the mindfulness sessions are offered via the secure Zoom platform.  If you are looking to develop a business case for mindfulness training within your organisation, you may find this PDF from the Mindfulness Initiative useful.

I am a fully qualified and experienced mindfulness teacher, registered on the UK teachers listing and adhering to the Good Practice Guidelines