Do you ever have the sense that time is rushing by?  Here we are in the New Year and no sooner have the Christmas goods disappeared from the shops than the shelves are full of Easter bunnies.   We may rile … Continue reading

Spoilt For Choice

We love to have choices, options, alternatives and we are incredibly fortunate to have so much available to us.  We can pay a bill, do the weekly shop, order a new washing machine, book a holiday 24/7.  We can travel … Continue reading

Having a Mind of Your Own

“The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master” Robin Sharma I recently came back from a weeks’ silent retreat. Such retreats often have a simple schedule where each day starts at 6am and we spend the day practising … Continue reading

The gift of awareness

I remember many years ago, before I learned mindfulness, I was experiencing a lot of tension and anxiety and my thoughts were running on a negative loop.  I was quite frustrated with myself because only a few days beforehand, I … Continue reading