“Fantastic experience, working with Sarah-Linda.  I came away after every session feeling more in control.  As a 54 year man, who wasn’t sure this would work, I was surprised to come out the other side knowing it does work! Thank you Sarah-Linda.”

Learning to become more mindful can be seen as an act of kindness – towards ourselves and others.  When we are not mindful, we are often on autopilot – thinking, speaking and acting in habitual ways that we have learnt over the years.  Beacuse these ways are habitual, we tend to be unaware of them but we can sometimes feel stuck in our patterns as we face familiar feelings or reactions such as anxiety, irritation, disappointment or exhaustion.

We are habitual in the way we use our bodies (how we move and how much tension we hold) and also in the way we think.  When on autopilot, we’re usually unaware of what we’re doing to our bodies until we get a very strong message in terms of pain, discomfort or fatigue.  Equally, we’re unaware when our minds get stuck in a groove of repetitive thoughts – thoughts which are often unhelpful and quite often untrue – until we realise that our mood has dipped and we feel unhappy or low.

This lack of awareness or mindlessness also means that we don’t fully experience the richness of life.  When we’re so busy (physically and mentally) there’s no time for being.

Mindfulness is not about emptying the mind and stopping thoughts from coming in nor is it about only having positive thoughts.  It is about cultivating a deliberate and alive awareness of our experience – whether physical sensations, thoughts or feelings etc.  It is about waking up from autopilot mode and reconnecting mind and body.  It is also about learning to meet our experience with genuine interest and friendliness or kindness.  This is different from our habitual, judgemental or self-critical attitude and is an approach that can be immensely healing and helpful for our wellbeing.

Find out more by watching these short video clips: https://livingandlovingmindfully.co.uk/mindfulness-video-clips/

Mindfulness sessions and Alexander Technique sessions are now available via Zoom or face to face for one or two people together.

These can be tailored to suit you.  These sessions are really useful if you just want to have an experience or you want a bit of help getting started or if you would like to develop your skills and go a little deeper.  We can make this a one-off session, a regular session or an 8 week course

Come on your own or invite your friends or work colleagues.  Whatsapp or text me to find out more or to book in  07875 269915, Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/livingandlovingmindfully/

8 week courses £200 (£300 if one-to-one)   

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 

This course is a way of experiencing mindfulness more deeply so that you can discover for yourself the difference that it can make in your life.  We will go through a range of different practices during the course and you will be given the tools to develop a daily practice of your own. 

It can be very enlightening to discover the ways that our minds work and to realise that we don’t have to keep striving or doing or trying to control things.  We can rediscover the pleasure and joy that is in our lives right now and we can also learn how to be with difficulties without being overwhelmed by them.  We take a look at the different ways that we spend our time and what we are taking in to our minds and bodies and whether this nourishes or depletes us, so we can take better care of ourselves.

As we make new discoveries and see how it is to be with things in a very different way, we do so with a friendly curiosity and a gentle and open approach.

Book your place: 07875 269915, livingandlovingmindfully@gmail.com