Virtual Mindfulness Sessions in the Workplace

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buy ivermectin europe More and more organisations are turning to mindfulness as a cost-effective option for helping employees manage their mental health, stress and emotions in the workplace

mydriacyl 1% 5ml With recent changes to the way we live and work, mindfulness has become more relevant than ever.  It is increasingly important for staff to feel supported at this time as they juggle increased levels of stress, uncertainty, isolation and disconnection

rencontre pour ado gay These live, virtual mindfulness sessions offer a safe space for home-working colleagues to re-connect, to acknowledge whatever thoughts or feelings may be present and to develop their capacity to manage their health and wellbeing

Sessions include both formal and informal practices and the emphasis is on helping participants integrate mindfulness into their work and home lives

What these sessions offer for participants includes:

  • A safe and welcoming space to take a constructive pause
  • A chance to explore new ways of seeing and relating to experience
  • Learning how to take better care of themselves as they develop an increased self-awareness
  • A sense of connection and of shared humanity
  • Feeling more in control as they develop a wider perspective on what is happening
  • Taking things less personally as they begin to see that thoughts and perceptions are not facts
  • Learning how to resource themselves and how to work with stress and difficulties effectively – building resilience
  • Simple, effective practices, both formal and informal so that they can integrate mindfulness into their daily lives

Benefits often include:

  • Improved listening and communication skills
  • Giving full attention to tasks – less mistakes
  • Greater overall wellbeing and feelings of happiness
  • Increased engagement and feelings of job satisfaction

Sessions can be tailor-made in terms of duration and times of day, to suit the needs of your organisation.  Participants can book in via a secure booking system and the mindfulness sessions are offered via the secure Zoom platform.  If you are looking to develop a business case for mindfulness training within your organisation, you may find this PDF from the Mindfulness Initiative useful.   Get in touch to see how we can work together

I am a fully qualified and experienced mindfulness teacher, registered on the UK teachers listing and adhering to the Good Practice Guidelines