“Highly recommended. Sarah-Linda's calm voice gently settles your body and mind.”

corrosively “I love these sessions with Sarah-Linda. They make me feel calm, happy and I find myself appreciating things more”

buy modafinil paypal uk "This makes me feel like me again" These online sessions are open to everyone and include some simple mindfulness practices.  Whether you are completely new or have been practising for some time, you are welcome.   The practices are short and gentle, the guidance is clear and friendly, the tempo relaxed.  If it is a group session, you can choose whether or not to speak.   Practices may include sitting meditation, bodyscan, mindful movement and/or mindful walking

People come away from these sessions feeling calmer, more refreshed and in control. They may be facing the same challenges as before but the mindfulness practice helps them to have a healthier perspective.  Things seem more manageable and participants feel more grounded, centred and resourced, able to deal with these situations

Mindfulness allows us to let go of trying to get things right or to make things feel different.  Giving ourselves permission to pause is an act of kindness that ripples out to all around us

Group sessions are available on request, so why not treat someone and bring them along

I have listed prices for half hour, 1 hour or two hour sessions either for individuals or groups.  Sessions can be tailored to suit you in terms of length and number of people, so if you don’t see what you’d like, just drop me a message on the contact page.  Once you have paid, don’t forget to message me with your name and email so that I can book you in


Don’t forget, once you’ve paid, drop me a note on the contact form with your name and email address so that I can arrange a date and time and send you a Zoom link