Alexander Technique

“I thought I was fit and healthy. I was astonished to discover what my muscles and my body had been doing without me realising.” AT pupil

The Alexander Technique can help you take control of your own wellbeing by discovering how you are habitually interfering with the natural mechanisms of the body, creating stress, tension and fatigue. It is not a treatment or a therapy neither is it about ‘positive thinking’ or ‘posture training’. It is a re-education of the neuro-muscular system – learning to break the cycle of being controlled by habit and developing a way of being that is truly transformational and empowering.

“You are perfect as you are, except for what you are doing to yourselves” F M Alexander

This quote refers to the natural, effortless balancing act, the continual tiny adjustments that the body carries out, to keep us upright, like a beautiful, flowing, dynamic dance. What we are ‘doing’ to ourselves is interfering with this natural, easy way of being. We interfere by over-doing, using too much muscular effort. We don’t know that we’re doing this because it has become a habit.

The Alexander Technique is a way of releasing tension and letting go of unhelpful postural habits that may be causing stress and pain. However, the Technique isn’t simply about posture. It’s more accurate to say that it’s about using conscious thought in a constructive way to bring about a change in the way we respond to life – ending the pattern of over-doing and over-reacting. In this way, we can reclaim our freedom. Not just freedom of movement, but freedom of choice as to how we re-act to any given stimulus in life.

To find out more, have a look at these video clips:

Mindfulness sessions and Alexander Technique sessions are now available via Zoom or face to face for one or two people together.

These can be tailored to suit you.  These sessions are really useful if you just want to have an experience or you want a bit of help getting started or if you would like to develop your skills and go a little deeper.  We can make this a one-off session, a regular session or an 8 week course

Come on your own or invite your friends or work colleagues.  Whatsapp or text me to find out more or to book in  07875 269915, Facebook page:

8 week courses £200 (£300 if one-to-one)   

Find Your Easy with an Alexander Technique Discovery Class 

Whether you want to look better or feel better, this class can really help as, together, we gently explore the ways that you may be interfering with the natural co-ordination and ease of the body.  The Technique brings mind and body together and makes use of conscious thinking to interrupt old patterns of tension and effort and makes space for a more natural and easy experience of the body.  It offers a light, approachable and insightful way of improving the way you move.  Less effort and tension, more poise and presence.

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Alexander Technique