Cultivating Kindness – Mindfulness for Alexander Technique Teachers

This workshop is for Alexander Technique teachers who are interested in having a taste of some mindfulness practices and seeing how they relate to the work we do

In particular, we will have a chance to explore the deliberate cultivation of kindness through mindfulness practices and to see how this influences our own self-care and ability to ‘come to quiet’ regardless of the noise or distractions that may be pulling on our attention.  We will also be looking at how the deliberate cultivation of kindness can work in harmony with inhibition and direction

Of course we know it is potentially harmful and unhelpful to use the body in an uncoordinated way: pulling the head back and down; locking the knees; arching the back or putting the hips forward

However, by labelling these things as ‘wrong’ we run the risk of encouraging the less obvious habits such as striving, judging, end-gaining, wanting to get things right, self-criticism or veering away from the things we don’t like

Mindfulness practices are steeped in kindness.  They can help us to ground and steady our attention – not by pushing away the things we don’t like, but by bringing kindness and compassion to both what is happening and also to our reaction to what is happening.  Seeing what happens when we shift from judging to appreciating

So there will be some gentle, guided mindfulness practices followed by inquiry and discussion.  We will also make use of the breakout rooms for short exercises – seeing how it is to move towards an acceptance of ourselves as we are, including our habits of misuse, and combining this compassionate approach with inhibition and direction

The intention behind this workshop is fuelled by kindness.  There is no suggestion that inhibition or direction is not enough, just a willingness to accept that we, as teachers, can also get caught up in habits and patterns that aren’t always helpful.  Leaning the heart towards kindness and friendliness – what is there to lose?

The workshop is made up of 3 consecutive sessions over 3 weeks on Saturday afternoons 2.00 – 4.00pm on 2nd, 9th and 16th October 2021, £70

If you’d like to book in, or if you have any questions, please use the contact form to get in touch or feel free to call me on 07875 269915