Living and Loving Mindfully - reconnecting you with ease

Whether you want to….

Feel calmer or less anxious

Learn how to meditate in a way that works for you

Work with posture, balance, joint or muscular pain

Feel more confident and resourced

Know what to do when you’re awake at 3am

Reconnect with the things that make you happy

I can work with you, using Mindfulness and/or Alexander Technique tools to help you feel more in control

Both practices help to calm the nervous system and encourage a more ‘in the moment’ awareness.  This is really useful if you experience anxiety, tension headaches, insomnia or if you find yourself over-reacting

Both Mindfulness and Alexander Technique are mind/body approaches that can help you feel more grounded and centred.  Putting you back in touch with your own resources so that you can navigate challenges as and when they arise

Most of us are driven by habits (physical, mental and emotional).  This work gently frees you from those habits so that you can move, work and live with less effort and more ease

Some ways we can work together…

What I love most about this work:

It’s gentle and kind

It’s down to earth

It’s easily accessible

It works!