How Are You Feeling?

Learning How To Think “You’re learning how to think. When you think you’re thinking, you’re feeling, and when you think you’re feeling, you’re doing.” F M Alexander Although it may seem as if the Alexander Technique is all about good … Continue reading

But What Do I Need To Do?

Psycho-Physical Habits “This is the principle of the whole work – not to do something but to think. We redirect our activity by means of thought alone.” FM Alexander One of the first things an Alexander Technique teacher will explain … Continue reading

Surviving or Flourishing?

Discovering how we are using ourselves, provides the potential for huge change “The function of man is to live, not to exist.” Jack London Wilfred Barlow describes ‘use’ as ‘…the way we use our bodies as we live from moment … Continue reading

Feeling Good is Under-rated

Changing The Habit of Wanting to Change Things When we learn the Alexander Technique we become more familiar with the ‘mechanics of movement’ discovering that there is an optimum way for the head, neck and back to be co-ordinated. We … Continue reading