The Alexander Technique can help you take control of your own wellbeing by discovering how you are habitually interfering with the natural mechanisms of the body, creating stress, tension and fatigue

It is a way of releasing tension and letting go of unhelpful postural habits that may be causing stress and pain. It is a process of gently exploring the ways that you may be interfering with the natural co-ordination and ease of the body.  The Technique brings mind and body together and makes use of conscious thinking to interrupt old patterns of tension and effort and makes space for a more natural and easy experience of the body.  It offers a light, approachable and insightful way of improving the way you move and feel.  Less effort and tension, more poise and presence

People learn the Alexander Technique for different reasons:

Some, but not all, want to work with physical discomfort, poor mobility, balance or posture

Some want to improve their performance (in sport or another activity)

Some have specific conditions such as hyper-mobility or Parkinsons

Some just want to look after their bodies for the future

Quite simply, if you would like to experience more ease in your body (and mind), and you are willing to learn a new approach, then the Alexander Technique can help you

I offer two different ways of working with the Technique: