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Kamienna Góra For a long time, I have reflected on the huge benefits that both the Alexander Technique and Mindfulness offer and on the similarities in their approach. While still teaching these practices separately, I have decided to offer a brand new class which will explore both.

During the class, we will explore Alexander Technique principles to improve how we move the body in everyday activities such as sitting down, standing up, walking, bending and turning. We will also learn some Mindfulness practices which can help us to pay attention, develop mental clarity, build resilience and find ways to ground and centre ourselves.

I would always say that the Alexander Technique is best learnt one-to-one but this class will provide a good introduction to the technique with some helpful, practical tips. The Mindfulness practices will be fully guided and no prior experience is necessary.

Classes will run in 10 week blocks at a cost of £75. There will only be 6 spaces in each class. Currently on hold. To book in or find out more, call or email me: 07875 269915,


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